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perjantai 6. helmikuuta 2009


        This beauuuuuutiful MIELIE bag is one of the products waiting to leave to Finland any day now. It is  a long journey on a ship all the way from Cape Town to Finland to a city called Kuopio. In Kuopio you can find this beauty at a gallery shop called Galleria Carree. Carree has cool art exchibitions and is also retailing MUMs-products. 

This bag is one and only, unique piece.  The size is big enough for pack your stuff on a journey. And again- the material is recycled but clean. Thank you Adri, Marina, Xanele, Mzo, Nolundi and Phumla and all you at Mielie`s. You can ready more at Adri`s MIELIE blog.

Oh, you lucky people in Kuopio.. I must come shopping ; )

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